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Borscht with pork

  • Manufacturer Food of the winners
  • Country of origin Ukraine
  • Type First courses
  • Packaging Retort bag
  • Weight 500 g
  • Shelf life 24 months
  • Ingredients Potatoes, pork meat of 2 categories, onions, carrots, beets, cabbage, beans, drinking water, tomato paste, sunflower oil, rock salt, sugar
  • Recipe for preparing the Field Heating by heating the retort packet in hot water for 15 minutes. HEATING AT HOME Using incandescent heat in a frying pan. By heating in the microwave (remove from the bag beforehand)

Body armor UT PROFI 6th class Ukrtac Pixel

UT PROFI is the flagship of UKRTAC products. It embodies all the best features for the protection and comfort of soldiers. This is a Ukrainian product that competes with the most famous foreign analogues. It can be additionally equipped with a rifle, groin protection, shoulder and neck protection, assault backpack and ballistic helmet.
Country of origin Ukraine
Protection class 6 protection class according to DSTU 8782:2018 / IV NIJ 0101.06
Protection against Airguns, edged weapons, PM, APS, TT, AKM, AK-74, SVD
Material. Ceramic plates (aluminum oxide), ballistic side protection packages - Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), plate carrier and pouches - 1000D polyamide fabric with polyurethane coating.
Color MM14 pixel
Weight 7 kg.
Warranty period 12 months.
📄 S hooting protocol 2023

Protection of the groin and coccygeal area, enlarged UKRTAC Pixel

Increased protection of the groin and coccygeal area is an appropriate and reliable addition to the body armor, which increases the area of protection. Consists of two identical parts with a section for installing ballistic protection of class 1 of DSTU 8782:2018 (included).

Summer military field suit UT-F (Multicam) UKRTAC

- Fabric material: rip-stop: 65% cotton, 35% polyester - Size/height (please specify when placing an order): 50/170 (176, 182), 52/176 (182, 188), 54/182 (188), 56/182 (188) - Velcro panel for attaching patches and identifiers - Color: Cartoon - Country of origin: Ukraine.

The price is for a set (jacket and pants)

Tunic - 2000 UAH. Pants - 1800 UAH.

Ceramic plate protection class 6 DSTU UKRTAC

UKRTAC ceramic stove is a modern and perfect solution to personal safety. It is used in the UT PROFI body armor and does not require an additional damper or fragmentation trap.
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UKRTAC Pixel belt and shoulder system (BSS)

- 3D ventilation wall for increased comfort; - Easy size adjustment; - The strap includes loops for attaching shoulder straps

Sich tourniquet

The original tourniquet from the Ukrainian manufacturer Sich deservedly occupies a place in the first aid kits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service, and ambulance crews in Ukraine and Europe

Assault protective suit Assault UKRTAC Pixel

Assault protective suit Assault (Pixel) UKRTAC with a discount - 2000 UAH, you can also choose from: cap, panama hat, belt or turnstile. The suit is designed for use in the active combat zone and is the epitome of comfort and maximum protection. All elements of the suit (neck, collarbone, torso (chest and back), shoulders, groin area and abdomen, hips, coccygeal area) have ballistic protection of class 1 SHOOTING PROTOCOL 2023.



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