According to the Consumer Protection Law, we offer an exchange for a different color/size or a full refund of 100% of the product price, excluding commissions, within 14 days.

Please carefully read the following conditions for product replacement or return:

  • The product must be unused and show no signs of use or wear and tear, such as scratches, scuffs, foreign odors, stains, and more. In other words, the product was only tried on but not used.
  • The product must be fully equipped, and the packaging integrity must not be compromised. The product has a special flap for careful opening and fitting.
  • All labels and factory markings must be preserved.

Timeframe for fulfilling our obligations
We will replace the product or refund the payment for your order upon receiving it. Once the goods are received in proper condition, but no later than three business days from the date of receipt of the returned goods to our warehouse. In practice, this takes one working day.

Warranty obligations
Our store provides a warranty that confirms the absence of factory defects in the goods. The warranty is valid for two weeks from the date of purchase in our store, provided that the product has not been used. The warranty may be longer if specified by the manufacturer/dealer. Please check the integrity of our branded packaging, completeness, and absence of product defects upon receipt at the courier service point.

Attention! You may be refused a replacement or refund of the product in cases where the warranty obligations do not apply:

  • Damage to the factory packaging. In fact, all clothing and equipment have a valve for fitting on the packaging. There is no need to tear the packaging, giving it a non-merchandise appearance;
  • Damage caused by using the product for unintended purposes, or with a violation of the operating rules;
  • Accidental damage caused by the buyer, or damage that occurred due to careless handling or use (the impact of liquids, folding of leather fingers on gloves, foreign odors, pet hair, etc. that do not correspond to the merchandise appearance due to the actions of the buyer);
  • Mechanical or other damage that occurred due to intentional or careless actions of the buyer or third parties;
  • Unauthorized disclosure, repair, or replacement of internal components or components of the name.

The cost of all deliveries of the product subject to return or exchange is paid by the buyer. If the reason for returning the product is “factory defect”, then our store bears all the costs of sending the product. In this case, be sure to indicate in the declaration of Nova Poshta that the recipient pays for the shipment.
Be sure to inform us of the TTN number (Nova Poshta invoice), which you use to return the product, in the relevant letter (the letter that you received from us at the time of ordering with its number), indicating the reason for replacement or return:

In case of replacement: indicate that you are returning and what to replace it with;
In case of return: please specify the details for transferring funds (or the card number). You can get detailed information on replacement or return of the product in our online store by contacting our managers by email or phone.

Thank you for your orders and happy shopping.