Silencer for AK-74, AKSU (5.45, thread 24×1.5) Gen 2 Steel™

4900 грн

Product from the “Military goods” category.
Caliber: 5.45
Thread: 24×1.5
Dimensions: 227×37
Weight: 510g
Material and coating: Structural steel \ Oxidation
Sound suppression: 26 dB 60%
Structural features:
Chambers: 9+1 (analog of 15 chambers)
Non-disassembling Pre-expansion chamber
Floating separator block
Automatic shooting mode: Yes
Warranty: 1 year
Color: Black
Coating: Blackening.

Category: ID продукту: 3717


Reliable TM STEEL gen2 silencer can withstand everything your weapon can handle! Continuous firing, loading – no problem.
It has a non-disassembling design and patented floating separator block scheme. With a lifespan of over 10,000 shots, it doesn’t require meticulous care.